Mark Cuban is the Presidential Candidate We Really Don't Need at the Moment

Published on 10-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Mark Cuban is the Presidential Candidate We Really Don't Need at the Moment

As our planet continues to hurtle desperately into oblivion, the presidential primaries are right around the corner.

Due to the de-mystification of the White House, anyone with obscene wealth thinks they can run the country.

This delusional fact brings us to Mark Cuban, who has threatened to run in the past and is doing so yet again for the upcoming election cycle.

However, considering the clown car that is our current American political climate, he may actually go through with it this time.


It's obviously not, but standards have plummeted to the point where it probably doesn't matter.

The Dallas Mavericks owner and thorn in the side of the NBA establishment has publicly stated that he thinks rich people are stupid, a theory that's proven to be stunningly accurate over the past couple of years.


Cuban would likely be running as an independent, along with someone like former Starbucks CEO -- and Seattle Sonics betrayer -- Howard Schultz, so that could really throw a monkey in the wrench by siphoning votes away from the major party candidates.

Of course, seeing how well the whole anti-politician thing went in the previous election, the odds of it happening again seem pretty remote.

Perhaps the famous reality TV star could select the next leader of the free world through a Shark Tank-style panel presentation gauntlet.


It's fun when everyone speaks at once like that.

We would advise Cuban and any other businessman or executive considering a presidential run to follow the immortal words of LaVar Ball:


Big Baller in 2020!