Jim Boylen Installs a Time Clock for Bulls Players Because He's Insane

Published on 31-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Jim Boylen Installs a Time Clock for Bulls Players Because He's Insane

In case you're just checking in with the brand new NBA season, Jim Boylen is still the head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

And yes, he's still what we'll generously call old-school unconventional.

His Bulls currently sit at a dismal 1-4 after a road loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the few teams they could actually beat on a consistent basis last season.

Despite this relentless ineptitude, Boylen continues to run a bunch of weird shit up the flagpole to see if it'll salute.


His latest innovation is a factory-style time clock located inside the team facility where the players are expected to punch in and out.

You know, for work.


Because that is precisely what a 20-something professional athlete wants to hear from his head coach.

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with trying to instill a work ethic, but pretending that your NBA team is working on an assembly line is just one blue collar metaphor too many.



Incredibly, his players seem to be receptive to the idea, results on the court notwithstanding.

Apparently, morale has significantly improved since Boylen pretty much alienated the entire team with his Gestapo tactics when he first took over.


However, Bulls fans are still somewhat skeptical:


Blunt, but honest.




Big Jim will probably try to incorporate this war analogy into a valuable lesson for his young team.