James Dolan's Still Struggling With the Concept of a Free Press

Published on 28-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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James Dolan's Still Struggling With the Concept of a Free Press

In much the same way that he holds his long-suffering fan base in contempt, James Dolan also seems to loathe the First Amendment.

The owner of the New York Knicks and confirmed large baby is at it again, trying to restrict access to the New York Daily News, an outfit whose coverage of Dolan has been rather unflattering over the years.

However, this time his clumsy efforts at censorship were finally addressed by the NBA, with commissioner Adam Silver fining the organization $50,000 for denying a properly credentialed newspaper access to a post-draft presser.

Of course, the amount of the fine is comically small, but you know, symbolism.


Dolan is the undisputed heavyweight champion of hyper-sensitive professional sports owners, which shouldn't be confused with his elite status in the most grossly incompetent professional sports owner division.

The JD & The Straight Shot frontman seems to believe he can prevent a working journalist or publication from doing a job simply because said journalist or publication doesn't like him.

If this were even possible, a New York Knicks press conference would be an awfully lonely place.


Late last year, The Daily News ran a fun article about the possibility of Dolan selling the Knicks, a notion that would make a large group of people tingle with delight.

Of course, Big Jim didn't appreciate that, particularly the "Do It" headline, an editorial choice that leaves little ambiguity as to how this rag feels about Dolan.


As a result, Dolan's been screwing with them ever since, including this recent event which actually should've been an incredibly rare happy occasion for the team with the introduction of third-overall pick RJ Barrett.

Instead, the tone-deaf owner embarrassed himself and the organization yet again with his bumbling fascism.

If history is any guide, Dolan should be insulting and alienating one of the team's precious few remaining fans in three, two, one.


Or Charles Oakley.