Damn, the 2019 NBA Draft Was Really Emotional

Published on 23-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Damn, the 2019 NBA Draft Was Really Emotional

The 2019 NBA Draft was one of the more eagerly anticipated in years.

While not featuring a particularly deep pool of talent, the star power at the top along with the potential for strategic maneuvering just oozed excitement.

Well, those things certainly came to pass, but something else happened during the first round that made us all pretty vulnerable.

You guessed it, everyone was crying.


Of course, these kids were happy, but the human drama was just a bit overwhelming.

It started at the very beginning with Zion Williamson, who after being selected anti-climactically at No. 1 by the New Orleans Pelicans, shared a moment with his mother during the emotionally manipulative ESPN interview:


Oh boy, here we go.


We'd barely recovered from that beautiful moment when Zion's fellow Blue Devil, RJ Barrett, was taken third overall by the New York Knicks, which is just senselessly cruel.

Shit, that one was even worse because they were talking to each other.

At this point, anyone not thinking about fathers and sons is just some sort of monster.


We'd love to have a catch, but there's more draft to cover.

Here's Coby White to the Bulls at No 7 talking about his late father.


This is all too much.

But you just try to listen to Matisse Thybulle answer a question about his deceased mother and not lose it.


We are completely spent.


Damn right.

Honestly, Maria Taylor from the Worldwide Leader should be ashamed of herself for attempting to channel Roy Firestone.


It's just so raw.