Happy Holidays from a Comically Overweight Draymond Green

Published on 26-Dec-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Happy Holidays from a Comically Overweight Draymond Green

Over the years, Draymond Green has provided an easy target for connoisseurs of online mockery by just being himself.

Be it psychological warfare with teammates or blatant hypocrisy, Green's served up much fodder for the drooling Internet hordes.

Now it appears his own organization is contributing to the cause.

The Golden State Warriors posted the following on the team Twitter account to celebrate Christmas:


Incredibly, that's supposed to be a holiday-themed cartoon of the long-suffering Green.


Not only does this rendering look nothing like Draymond Green, he's also depicted to be rather chunky.

Did they inadvertently sketch former NBA journeyman Oliver Miller?


Twitter had some thoughts on the subject, as well:


Actually, Rich is the one on the far left.


Hmmm, moving on ...


And we have a winner.

Perhaps feeling blue about this cruel depiction, Green went out and wet the bed in the Warriors' 127-101 home loss to LeBron and the Lakers.


Green reportedly inhaled an entire gingerbread village immediately following this interview.

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