Angry White Dude: It's Just Embarrassing

Published on 2-Aug-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: It's Just Embarrassing

Wow, you really never know what you might see on TV these days.

Like an old, washed up player practically begging for someone to give him a job.

Poor, poor Carmelo Anthony.

Dude's burned every bridge that can be burned.


Melo could only do one thing on a basketball court.

Well, maybe he could have done more if he has ever wanted to. He never wanted to, unless Coach K took on the role of Melo whisperer.


Melo wanted to be a scorer, and he was, with was being the operative word. His scoring skills eroded right in front of us, and since that's the only thing he could ever do on a court.

So, dude's no Vince Carter.

He's one-dimensionally done.


Now, Melo wants us all to think he'll do whatever it takes to get back in the NBA. He claims that all he has left to do is win a  title.


What about being a great teammate? What about guarding someone? What about passing the damn ball?


Dude, you will not do whatever it takes!

How do we know this? You've never done whatever it takes:

Remember how bad the Knicks were with him? Oh, Melo was what he wanted to be. He was da Man.


Now he claims he does not have to be the man. Fact is, dude no longer has the skills to be the man:

  • Won't pass,
  • Won't be a team player, and
  • Can not guard a bank with a shotgun.

Let's not forget -- as Melo hasn't -- he has never won!


Want him on your NBA team?

Dude's worth about $120million. That should do him. If Melo thinks he can still play, I have a great idea. Go overseas! They'll pay you and you can still beda Man!

Just do us all a favor. Stop pretending that you'll do whatever it takes, and please stop going on TV shows begging for work.

It's very embarrassing.