A Coyote Dressed as Batman Captures a Live Bat During NBA Game

Published on 5-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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A Coyote Dressed as Batman Captures a Live Bat During NBA Game

The AT&T Center in San Antonio has historically been a popular destination spot for local bats in the area.

These dreadful winged creatures have interrupted countless Spurs games over the years, but have been particularly busy this past week.

First, the Brooklyn Nets were introduced to the colony on Thursday during a 117-114 Spurs win.

But on Saturday night with the New Orleans Pelicans in town, things got really weird.


The harbingers of evil returned to the court, but a different type of creature decided to take a stand.

If you guessed Coyote, you would be correct, and possibly some sort of mascot fetishist.


Yep, that's him assuming an attack readiness position.

Indeed, the Spurs mascot must've sensed there would be trouble on this fateful Saturday night, as he showed up in his vigilante power suit.


While the players, animal control, and even Gregg Popovich watched helplessly, Bat-Coyote made the ultimate sacrifice and gave us the hero we need, or deserve, or something to that effect.


That fine net work by Coyote called to mind Manu Ginóbili's brave act from Halloween 2009.


Of course, Manu don't need no stinking net.

The lesson here is simple, though.


Please stay out of Bat Country.