You Know, This Yasiel Puig Character Is a Bit of a Hothead

Published on 29-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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You Know, This Yasiel Puig Character Is a Bit of a Hothead

In a development that will shake MLB to the foundations of its very core, Cincinnati Reds OF Yasiel Puig was involved in an altercation during a game against the Chicago Cubs.

We can certainly understand if this news makes you ask important questions about life, love, and baseball, so we'll take a moment to process this information.


There, that's better.

The explosive Cuban has been with the Reds for only a short time after the Dodgers cut bait, but he's managed to locate all sorts of mischief against a number of teams.


Our latest installment occurred late in the Reds' eventual 6-0 blanking at the hands of the Cubbies at home.

Puig was at the plate in the bottom of the eighth inning with a base open, facing a three-ball, no-strike count.

Well, in this context, it doesn't take a voracious reader to figure out what's coming next.


Brace for impact:


As always, the difference in perspective between the two broadcast teams is striking, but each side seems to agree that the entire production is just a complete waste of time.

Puig did appear to be courting disaster with his casual manner at the plate, almost trying to provoke Cubs reliever Pedro Strop into a response.

Well, dude was more than happy to oblige.

Afterwards, he expanded on his thoughts:


Pedro gets bonus points for his brevity.

Of course, our angry friend in the other dugout has already been suspended this season, receiving a two-game sabbatical for his aggressive role in that little skirmish with the Pirates back in early April.

And volumes have been written on his star-crossed romance with Madison Bumgarner.

Unfortunately for Puig, once a reputation is developed, you're not getting the benefit of the doubt from anyone, so the target will only continue to grow.


Yeah, that's not helping, either.