Yet Another MLB Ballplayer Is Injured after a Vigorous Massage

Published on 13-Jul-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Yet Another MLB Ballplayer Is Injured after a Vigorous Massage

Physical therapy is a common part of any athlete's routine.

A nice massage can be a component of this process, although sometimes they get a bit out of hand.

Sadly, Ken Giles is now intimately acquainted with this concept.

The Toronto Blue Jays closer received a hearty rub down during the All-Star break, but his right elbow didn't seem to enjoy the experience.


This weekend, the Blue Jays actually found themselves in a save situation against the Yankees, but Giles and his inflamed elbow were unavailable.

Word around the campfire is that it's a day-to-day thing, so the 28-year old will just have to figure out how to relax without the benefit of hands being laid upon him.


This whole aggressive massage thing is really becoming an issue around MLB, as Carlos Correa is still out due to a particularly rough session back in late May.

It seems the Astros shortstop suffered a fractured rib at the hands of an overzealous masseuse. 


See, it's critical to agree on a safe word beforehand.

The evils of massage have also infiltrated other professional sports recently.

You may recall that lunatic Drake forcing himself on Nick Nurse during the Eastern Conference Finals:


And who can forget that old freak Robert Kraft and his wacky misadventures at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa?


Well, his elbows seem fine.