Verlander No-No's Blue Jays Again; It's His Third Overall

Published on 1-Sep-2019 by J Square Humboldt

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Verlander No-No's Blue Jays Again; It's His Third Overall

Baseball as it's played today makes a complete-game no-hitter even more of an accomplishment.

First of all, most trainers and other biomechanical staff continue to believe that 120 pitches an outing is the red line, healthwise. After that, a full recovery between regular starts can become an issue.

Teams currently average around 149 pitches per game.


This explains why, this season, two of the three no-no's thrown until now this season were combined efforts:

Secondly, MLB now dictates that to be credited with a no-hitter, a chucker or committee thereof has to do it in a complete game. Thus, if it goes into extras and a hit is allowed, it's still not a nine-inning no-hitter.


Justin Verlander hit that red line on the nose and needed a two-out, ninth-inning home run by rookie Abraham Toro -- a Canadian, incidentally -- to avoid extra innings and, obviously, pitches to record his third career no-hit game.

As usual for him, this blanking of the Toronto Blue Jays was a picture of efficiency, which happens when 14 punchies are registered:


Dude thus joins this list of luminaries with three or more no-no's in their careers:

And what would a feat like Verlander's be in these sabermetric times without a red-headed stepchild stat tossed in?


Dude first zipped the Blue Jays on 7 May 2011. His first was against the Brewers on 12 Jun 2007, the only one he threw in his home park.

If anyone appreciates Ryan's ringing up seven no-hitters, it's Verlander. Dude's lost four others in the late stages:

  • Against eighth inning late in 2011,
  • In the ninth in 2012 and 2015, and
  • In the seventh this past May by Jose Abréu of the White Sox.


Speaking of the 120 pitches, it may have been a good thing Verlander had a bitta extra rest. Dude was ejected in his previous start against Tampa Bay.

To notch a complete-game no-no anymore, seems like every little thing helps.