Trevor Bauer Prefers to Keep It Real, Especially with the Ladies

Published on 23-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Trevor Bauer Prefers to Keep It Real, Especially with the Ladies

This Trevor Bauer character is endlessly entertaining.

Many have suggested that some or all of his schtick is contrived, but no matter.

Whether he's enforcing proper batter etiquette or mangling his right pinkie on a drone, dude's never boring.

Sports Illustrated recently completed an intimate profile on Bauer, which provided us with even more personal tidbits to unpack, particularly in regard to the female of our species.


The charming Cleveland Indian seems to have a pretty firm grasp on the lady situation, keeping it simple with three easy to follow rules for the women who are lucky enough to spend any amount of time with him.

Due to time constraints, we'll condense these three rules in an easily digestable Reader's Digest format.

The first rule involves feelings, or lack thereof. If Trevor thinks you're getting attached in any way, the relationship's over.

You see, Bauer's admittedly emotionally unavailable.


The second rule asks that the lucky dudette not post on social media about Bauer, which is a pretty reasonable request.

This brings us to the third rule, which is a real doozy.

Trevor likes to explain to a potential mate that he'll be sleeping with other women while sleeping with her, just so you know.

Indeed, complete transparency when it comes to making the whoopee.


Relationships aren't for the timid.

The Bauer principles of dating actually call to mind the Dennis system.


What could possibly go wrong?