This Nolan Arenado Blast Should Count as Two Homers

Published on 11-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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This Nolan Arenado Blast Should Count as Two Homers

We've almost become desensitized to the long ball as this deeply offensive MLB season trudges onward.

However, despite the tainted nature of the numbers being posted, we can still appreciate a nice, well-struck tee shot from home plate.

Even if it comes with the Coors Field caveat attached.

Nolan Arenado calls the Mile High City home, and takes full advantage of that precious thin air.


Okay, nitrous oxide is something else altogether.

Have a look at this monstrous dinger:


That ball left the yard with great haste, not even stopping at that ice cream concession on its way out.


The fabulously wealthy Arenado absolutely murdered that baseball, yet seemed pretty ho-hum about it.

Well, our joy more than compensates for his indifference.


This felony of a home run is the third longest this season.

Would you like to see the two that went further?

Sure you would.


That was fellow Rockie Ian Desmond checking in at 486 ft, also at Coors.

Which brings us to Nomar Mazara of the Texas Rangers.


That's 505 feet, dudes and dudettes.

Baseball rules.