Nomar Mazara Just Made a Baseball Go Really Far against Its Will

Published on 22-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Nomar Mazara Just Made a Baseball Go Really Far against Its Will

Today's juicy baseballs have been a popular topic of conversation around the MLB water cooler this season, with pitchers muttering under their collective breath and hitters singing hymns in their honor.

Obviously, the frequency and absurdity of the resultant homers have been a bit much, but there's still nothing quite like watching a well-struck baseball hurtle towards the sun.

Nomar Mazara happens to be a dude who's capable of such things.

Recently, the Rangers' outfielder made some hasty travel arrangements for an unsuspecting baseball:


We can only hope the ball's affairs were in order.


We certainly live in amazing times, as we actually do have technology that can measure the supernatural.

However, even the normally reliable Statcast was at a complete loss, taking over 30 minutes to process the blast.

The numbers were eventually crunched, revealing a 505-foot homer.


The ball went so far that Mazara and teammate Joey Gallo completely forgot to grab each others crotches.

After rubbing its eyes incredulously, the Internet produced a strong reaction.



Dude's simply ferocious.

He also pulled out the driver earlier this season against the Cubs:


That one only traveled 482 feet.


Yeah buddy, try harder next time.