Carpenter's Bunt Double Sticks It to the Marlins' Shift

Published on 18-Jun-2019 by Alan Adamsson

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Carpenter's Bunt Double Sticks It to the Marlins' Shift

The Miami Marlins are having a particularly atrocious season.

Most of this is due to co-owner and CEO Derek Jeter thinking he's the second coming of the Astros' Jeff Luhnow, tearing down the MLB roster to AAA-level and then telling the fan base it'll be worth it.

That's a tough sell when said fan base is watching their best players -- dudes like Christian Yelich, Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, and JT Realmuto -- having strong seasons elsewhere.


The Astros analogy doesn't play all that well in South Florida, where ...

  • the embodiment of evil that was previous owner Jeffrey Loria watched his management assemble two separate World Series champions only to dismantle them, and then
  • watch Jeter break up the gang without even trying to win with them.

No wonder they're not drawing flies at the turnstiles.


Baseball schedules being what they are, fans in other cities also get treated to the Marlins' brand of ineptitude that's damn near a tribute to that 1962 Mets team that went 40-120.

For example, Miami's infielders heard of a rumor going around that shifts are a sorta thing these days.

So, they tried it in St Louis, where erstwhile Cardinal Matt Carpenter is a serial pull hitter. However, dudes forgot one minor detail:


Experienced practicioners would advise that the third-baseman should at least say somewhere in the same area code as the left side of the infield. Apparently, the Miami infielders weren't taking notes.

Maybe one of these days, they will.

Right after they win the World Series after four years of garbage ball. Or not.