Wimbledon Singles Finals Feature Stalwarts and Shockers

Published on 08-Jul-2016 by J Square Humboldt
Tennis / Tennis Daily Update

It's a long stay at the top, too.

Mortality is slowly chipping away at a couple of tennis gods and goddesses.

Both will be spectators when the fight for silverware begins this weekend.

Pictures being worth the proverbial 1000 words, here's how the men's championship match-up between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic came to be:

Venus Williams will still appear in the womens' doubles championship with her sister, but the wear and tear of both that and the singles competition caught up to her.

Meanwhile, Serena sailed through:

As usual, Williams will be an odds-on favorite, while Murray will do his bit to inject a bit of national pride in the locals, and in light of Brexit, dude's homies are Scots.

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