Twitter's Hissy Fits over Tennis Twirl Is a Tempest in Teacup

Published on 26-Jan-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Twitter's Hissy Fits over Tennis Twirl Is a Tempest in Teacup

If nothing else, a clueless Aussie commentator's request that Eugenie Bouchard take a stationary spin for the crowd produced an awesome line of social analysis.

London's Guardian noted where the indignation over this incident was the most incendiary and took the occasion to opine this little gem:

Twitter [is] the modern waste basket of opinion, prejudice and nonsense.

For the record, here's the Australian Open's latest sideshow:

And with that, thumbs around the world went to work.

Twirlgate trumps Deflategate

The level-headed Bouchard took it all in stride:

Twirl not twerkBut Twitter's unfettered access to the 21st century again gave rise to those who preferred to lash out before considering perspective.

Of course sexism is an issue, but it's much more complicated than 140 characters.

There's a legion of hot women out there, but Bouchard was chosen to be paid big bucks to wear fashionable tennis outfits because she's proven herself as an elite player. The female sports apparel market is a kajillion-dollar business; Bouchard's sponsor was probably totally thrilled that she was asked to do the super-model thing and make a runway move.

Here's a dude who makes the most of his words:

Tennis precocious tweet

Not to mention the prejudice and nonsense.