Zebras Become the Hunters in Champions Semi-Final

Published on 6-May-2015 by srijan213

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Zebras Become the Hunters in Champions Semi-Final

So much for underdog labels in Champions League bracket play.

Juventus begged to differ -- in the first leg, anyway -- as they took the measure of Real Madrid, 2-1, in Turin.

When the draw was made, it seemed everyone wanted a pairing with Juventus. Well, the Zebras took note and were ready to dispel their designation as a pin cushion. That it was high-&-mighty Real Madrid receiving the reality check no doubt made the experience even more pleasurable.

Real, of course, are known for buying stars rather than building on the development of their youth club. The irony was rich, then, when ex-Real youngster Álvar Morota was the man to put Juve on the board first:

Now that’s one transfer Real's going to regret, along with Gareth Bale’s. 'Way to stay with the play, dude.

And what teamwork!

27 passes lead to Morata goal

While their Spanish majesties kept themselves busy looking pathetic, Cristiano Ronaldo, as always, did what he could to come to the rescue:

He's used his head more than his feet lately. Maybe his spikes are configured like a trackster's these days.

Like Manchester United, Real also suffer with the same malady: poor defense, otherwise known as the dirty work many high-payrollers would rather leave to the perceived lesser lights.

Check this out:

Let him try a contested shot! He's not Eden Hazard, dude.

The betting market must have turned upside down after this result. But still, the second leg is there for amends, and it finds Real Madrid back at their fortress with an away-goal advantage.

Los Blancos may not be forced to drink from the Bowl of Humility just yet. But to Juve fans, it's a tempting vision.

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