Why Brazil Getting Smashed by Germany Made Americans Smile

Published on 11-Jul-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Why Brazil Getting Smashed by Germany Made Americans Smile

I'm not a soccer fan. Never have been and never will be.

I have enough sports to follow. But I surprised myself with this year by watching the World Cup

I actually enjoyed it somewhat, especially watching the USA play and advance further than most -- including me -- thought they would.

However, the most enjoyment I got was watching Brazil go down in flames to Germany in the beat downs to end all beat downs.

I'm not a very knowledgeable fan, but I know a butt-whupping when I see one. To us gridiron football fans, this thrashing was on the level of the Seahawks beating the crap out of the Broncos in the Super Bowl last February. 

I had a feeling Brazil would lose, but not this badly. And let's be frank; we all enjoyed it. I think, as Americans, we enjoyed it more because, for one, Brazil was one of the favorites this year. 

No one gave the Americans a chance to even get out of their group, and now it appears that they may have been the only team to challenge Die Mannschaft, as those of us who are new to the game have learned to call them, and for good reason; they are what a total team should be!

To see Brazil lose the way they did after being a favorite merely by trading off their reputation brought a smile to our faces.

You couldn't help but smile also knowing how much Brazil spent on getting the World Cup, too; $13 billion for an exposed team. That's equal to having the Dallas Cowboys host the Super Bowl and then not making the playoffs.

And if you think Americans were happy, how ecstatic are the Argentines right now? They're not only going to face Germany for the worls title -- a true world title, American sports fans! -- they get to do it on Brazil's home turf.

Talk about sweet. That's like Auburn defeating Alabama in the Iron Bowl last year to go to the national championship game.

It sucks to be Brazil right now.

But cheer up, Brazilians. In all likelihood, Germany will win the World Cup and all will be right in your world again.

OK, it won't.