United's Gladiators Unleash Hull

Published on 2-Dec-2014 by srijan213

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United's Gladiators Unleash Hull

Manchester United cruised past Hull City in what was an utter Red domination.

Louis van Gaal's crew has seen a season's worth of ups and downs already, but it looks like consistency is upon the horizon. The Devils were victorious in their recent trip to the Emirates, but it was still a poor showing against Arsenal and nobody was satisfied.

This time around, there was an abundance of happy faces in the Theatre of Dreams, as United not only gained trois points against the Tigers but did it with conviction.

Captain Wayne Rooney is in the midst of a great run and is turning into the leader that no one believed he would, for more than one heated reason.

Well, we can’t blame them for being surprised.

Poorly performing flying Dutchman Robin Van Persie suffered his worst run in the league last week with just 13 touches against former club Arsenal but stepped up to take the grand stage against Hull.

With the 3-4-3 formation that once horrified the Reds gaining bite, it now seems they've bought in and are holding up the pressure.

Van Gaal wants at least three years to rebuild United, but if changes come at the pace of this current burst, he'll get the side to the level he wants with time to spare.