Tottenham Lays a Handful on Chelsea

Published on 3-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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Tottenham Lays a Handful on Chelsea

The Spurs were deserving winners against Chelsea in a 5-3 thriller.

Premiership pacesetter Chelsea may have scored the most goals through the decades against Tottenham, but it was the other way around on this derby day. The Blues were porous, to say the least.

Maybe José Mourinho’s New Year resolution should be to tighten his crew up a bit. Like a handful of goals worth.

2015 began rather nicely for the Blues, what with Diego Costa ringing it in by being in the right place at the right time.

Then the season's sensation, Harry Kane justified his reputation:

Remember the name: Harry Kane.

And Spurs just kept going, posing all kinds of ramifications for this season's title chase.

Conversely, when the day's going bad, it will get worse. The Blues suffered a converted penalty late in the first half.

Then, along came another one.

This became a goal barrage, and Chelsea weren’t shy on it, either.

A crowded site looked like an empty park for Chadli there.

This didn’t even matter in the end anyway.

Tottenham are now above the scum and are enjoying a nice run of form. Chelsea are still leaders but are on level with defending champions Manchester City. And as if Spurs were ever out of it, few are doubting their potency now.