Tottenham Kick Hull City when They're Down

Published on 18-May-2015 by srijan213

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Tottenham Kick Hull City when They're Down

Spurs defeated the Tigers 2-0 to keep the relegation battle interesting until the Premiership season's last day.

It's that time of year when the main focus wasn't on a big brand like Tottenham but on a hod-carrier like Hull City.

The reality of relegation -- and its accompanying loss of serious dosh -- is upon us and Hull City hasn't managed to fully escape the maelstrom. In fact, the Tigers are in deep doo-doo with only one match left to play:

Premiership Table 18 May 2015

Hull's impending doom against Tottenham had to wait till the second half before the first foreboding sign of imminent disaster appeared:

An exemplary team play leading to a textbook goal by Nacer Chadli. But for the Tigers, that was strike one.

Spurs' second goal kept the crowd waiting, as the oblivious Danny Rose fired even a bigger cracker:

That one was quality. Worth two. So Hull are struck out.

The hell of it is, Hull weren't trying to get the game over and get out of the rain. Instead, the storm of their own making is about to engulf them.

Even a win in their last match cannot ensure their survival. Grim.