Tottenham Keeps Pace Because That's What They Do

Published on 29-Dec-2016 by akinkunmi009

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Tottenham Keeps Pace Because That's What They Do

This isn't a copycat thing.

It's just the Spurs being Spurs.

Tottenham's got the budget and the quality to be a Top Five team in the Premiership.

However, that's not a generalization. It's an absolute.

Not only did the four clubs ahead of them win this week, Manchester United made easy work of Hull City to keep nipping at Tottenham's heels.

So, Spurs simply shrugged, ventured down to the South Coast, and whacked Southampton, 1-4.

In a refreshing flip of script, the Saints got their lovely parting gift of a goal before Tottenham got the show on the road.

Virgil van Dijk netted the Saints' feelgood goal just two minutes after kickoff:

Spurs have some sort of secret quota of getting in a few artistic licks before turning their attention to the business of scoring.

In this one, they spent a good quarter-hour creating footage for ball-control videos everywhere before Dele Alli offered up a clip for the nifty-goal highlight packages:

Full marks to Moussa Sissoko for striking a Saint's shoulder blade to produce that lofty cross.

Later, Harry Kane conjured up a similar splendid header to secure a lead Tottenham wouldn't relinquish:

If Spurs lead the Premiership in one thing, it's converting set-pieces.

A couple of clips ago, someone in the stands was supporting a South Korean flag. They must've been as thrilled as Heung-Min Son with this effort:

After that, it was time for an Alli encore:

And so it goes. Another round of matches. Another tribute to the status quo.

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