This Just Isn't Arsenal's Week

Published on 14-Dec-2016 by srijan213

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This Just Isn't Arsenal's Week

Arsenal seems to be locked inside the School of Hard Knocks yet again.

OK, they're a mega-rich club, and like most of that ilk, they get their way more often than not.

So, with the exception of hardcore Gunners fans, shed no tears that Everton took on an in-form Arsenal side and provided a touch of late dramatics to upset the road favorites, 2-1.

It's been that kinda week in North London. First the bummer of a Champions League draw, and now, waving goodbye to three attainable points in the Premiership standings.

Premiership standings

Worse for the Gunners, this was a come-from-ahead loss.

Alexis Sanchez collected his 14th goal of the season 20 minutes into it, as his rifle of a freekick ended in the back of the net with a deflection:



That header was like taking candy from a baby.

Or something like that.

Their serendipity lasted all of four minutes, which is when Everton countered with the backfield pairing of Leighton Bains and Seamus Coleman getting a gift that wouldn't be out of place a few days from now:

Dudes lost their bottle again during the dying minutes when Ashley Williams scored his first for the Blues four minutes from time, which just happened to be the winner:.

How is it that these refugees from The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous cannot -- year after bloody year -- find a way to defend crosses?

Robert Lewandowski must have more than visions of sugar plums after watching that.

Moves like that take time.

He'll have time.