The Revierderby Has Something for Everyone

Published on 11-Apr-2016 by srijan213

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The Revierderby Has Something for Everyone

One of the Bundesliga's best known rivalries rose to the occasion yet again.

Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 may have battled to a 2-2 stalemate, but getting there was most of the fun.

The league title may be a one-horse race -- what's new? -- but there are far more battles than just the crown.

The pride, history, and bragging rights are all on the line when it’s the Revierderby.

Everyone expects something special, and they had to wait for the second half for it to happen.

Shinji Kagawa gave half the crowd what it wanted in the 49th minute:

You don’t need power when you’ve got precision.

It took Schalke all of two minutes to come up with an emphatic reply to please the other half:

All Leroy Sané needs is power.

Undaunted by that display of awesomeness, Matthias Ginter put Dortmund back in the driver's seat with his ping-pong header:

Can a match be completed without a penalty these days? Apparently not, so Dortmund awarded one to Schalke:

Klaas Jan Huntelaar never misses chances like this, and as a result, just call him Moses for parting the waters evenly.

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