The 'Pool Pops Stoke City

Published on 30-Dec-2016 by akinkunmi009

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The 'Pool Pops Stoke City

Anfield's clearly seeing what make Jürgen Klopp so successful at Dortmund.

Dude's a master of in-game adjustments.

Dicey midfield play plagued Liverpool in the early going of a match they had to have, so Klopp tightened it up.

The result: a 4-1 thrashing of Stoke City's physical-as-usual side.

The Potters came out loaded for bear from the opening kickoff and had zero issues with getting deep into Liverpool's territory. It was inevitable that something like this would occur:

Jon Walters' sixth of the season is typical of Stoke's approach to the game, which is basic lunch bucket. Dude even looks like he's got a bit of the ol' Joe Jordan hard man in him.

That 12th-minute strike wasn't a wake-up call, either. It could've been worse for the 'Pool:

That's when Klopp cracked the whip.

His midfielders started challenging Stoke's attack, and in the 34th minute, the Reds found an opening.

A brilliant ball out wide from Divock Origi took advantage of a lagging Potter fullback put Sadio Mané into a one-on-one situation and allows him to feed Adam Lallana who provided a diligent finish:

By now, he's gotta be in the running for best midfielder this season. Seven goals, six assists. Incredible!

Just before the intermission, Roberto Firminho did the honors to give Liverpool the lead, thanks to a pinpoint pass from the most experienced man on the pitch:

Stoke's style of play rarely harbors finesse.

The latest victim was Giannelli Imbula, who not only gave the ball away, he compounded the situation by putting it in his own net:

A perfect tap indeed! No one could escape that.

Daniel Sturridge came in for Origi and was on the score sheet within 60 seconds, snatching on an awful backpass from Ryan Shawcross, rounding Lee Grant, and providing a cool finish:

Not a bad way to make impact on a match.

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