The Dutch Racked Up a Win before Euro-Chaos Ensued

Published on 18-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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The Dutch Racked Up a Win before Euro-Chaos Ensued

It seems so long ago, and yet it was only last Friday.

There was actually a normal football friendly played where the only drama was on the pitch.

The Oranje had been miserably off-form, but a returning veteran was their to put his finger in the dike.

Figuratively speaking, of course. Times have changed.

Anyway, it seems that the Netherlands were missing Arjen Robben, as he guided them to a 2-3 win against Wales.

The principality isn't the most difficult team to beat when Gareth Bale is absent, so the Dutch made the most of it.

And they didn't waste any time, either:

The dude’s height is scary but useful. He did not even need to jump at that one.

Wales had to chance to equalize from the spot, but ...

Still, good things come to those who wait.

With the match at a crossroads, the ageless Robben stepped up to provide a steady hand ... or foot:

Dude always cuts back to his left and always scores. Don't they translate scouting reports into Dragon?

Welsh translation

Then again, maybe they just didn't have time after answering which town had the longest name in Europe:

Town with longest name

While the Dutch were learning how to pronounce that, Wales sneaked in an equalizer with a beautifully worked corner:

With the match again in the balance, Robben lit the again afterburners:

First the wheels, then the cannon.

Dike saved.

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