Swiss Score a World Cup Rarity: A Walkoff Goal

Published on 15-Jun-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Swiss Score a World Cup Rarity: A Walkoff Goal

The 2014 World Cup has continued its impressive trend of no matches ending in a draw, but it literally took a last minute strike to stay that way.

With approximately 30 seconds left in a 1-1 match, Switzerland's Haris Seferović cut from the right wing toward the left post to brilliantly chip a cross and secure a stunning 2-1 result against a disbelieving Ecuador.


Here's the build up. Apparently, all involved were stunned into silence:

This isn't the first time this year Ecuador was denied by a highlight reel marker. The Netherlands' Robin van Persie volleyed home a classic against them in a friendly during the run-up to the Cup:

Of course, the Dutchman is doing that to everyone these days. Just ask Spain:


Dude's a trendsetter.

Seferović, not so much. However, he knows what to do when called upon, and on this stage, the world reacts.