Swans Do What They Do to Make Chelsea Blue

Published on 12-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Swans Do What They Do to Make Chelsea Blue

The Premiership's defending champions hit a speed bump right out of the 2015-2016 driveway as they were held 2-2 by Swansea City.

It was clearly not the start José Mourinho expected. In fact, the same can probably be said for Swansea City.

Chelsea weren't up to par on the day, while Swans were above theirs. Having said that, the Welsh side has made a habit of springing such surprises since ascending to the English pyramid's top rung.

The sun rose the usual way for the champions, though, as they were the first to strike.

The ball missed everything intended except for the goal. Typical Oscar.

Swans' new man André Ayew brought the game back level:

A goal against the champions. Decent way to get your career going in the Premiership.

Then, out of the blue -- sorry; irresistable pun -- this happened:

Looks like luck doesn't favor the bold but favors the champions.

Not for long, though.

That's defenders are supposed to do all the tackling, dude. Red Card.

The penalty was butter.

But it was harder than the celebration.