Sky Blues Kiss the Blues: Battle of the Tacticians

Published on 20-Oct-2016 by srijan213

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Sky Blues Kiss the Blues: Battle of the Tacticians

An old gridiron saying comes to mind in the wake of this snoozer:

A draw is like kissing your sister.

Yes, it came from a less creepy time, and these days, association football awards a point for a draw. But sometimes, enduring 90 minutes of what Manchester City and Everton just completed might make some reassess their sister.

Their 1-1 result came close to giving the term stalemate a bad name.

To be fair, football isn't always about goals but the tactics that create them. It's a given that these managers are regarded as maestros at it.

Still, at some point, the beauty of the game comes when players simply get down to it.

This game didn't see any oomph factor until the second half, when Romelu Lukaku tallied for his beloved Everton:

Now, that's why he's in the frontline of a talented Belgium squad.

City's new signing, Nolito, quickly became a fan favorite when he salvaged a hard-earned point:

You don’t need height to score the most crucial of headers.

The top spot still remains intact for Manchester City.

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