Ronaldo Racks a Hatter in Real Rout

Published on 23-May-2015 by srijan213

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Ronaldo Racks a Hatter in Real Rout

Cristiano Ronaldo claimed yet another match ball with yet another hat trick as Real Madrid absolutely smashed Getafe, 7-3.

It's a common sight to see the prolific Portuguese score, but that doesn't make it any less special.

Dude's the current most awesome player on the planet, and he started the demolition in this one.

It's always a treat when he heads the ball. The Golden Boot should also come with a Golden Noggin.

The reason behind Real’s poor season -- relatively speaking -- was on display once more, as their defense put its vulnerabilities out there for all to see yet again.

Iker Casillas would have caught it with one finger had he been at his peak. David De Gea is needed urgently. Or even Ike Broflovski. Kid's got game.

Believe it or not, Getafe launched one more rocket and were actually leading Los Blancos for a moment:

Are the defenders ghosts? They're in white from top to bottom, and everything passes right through them. Real had best stop trying to make headlines signing glory boys and get a down and dirty back four. That's for starters.

Fortunately for Los Blancos, Ronaldo dusted off his bazooka and blasted away:

Dude's got the crosshairs tuned to perfection.

Then, for the coup de grace, what would a Ronaldo hat trick be without popping one from the spot?

Takes some courage to drill one straight down the middle after missing a crucial penalty a few days ago.

But, oh, the Real defense! It has to change.

No wonder they didn’t anything major this season. Schoolboy defending.

But, face it, this was Getafe. The moment that dawned on Real, the club went crazy with goals:

It's Real's own version of the double. They're a goal-scoring machine and a goal-conceding machine at the same time.