Sinking Spurs Stink at Stoke City

Published on 12-May-2015 by srijan213

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Sinking Spurs Stink at Stoke City

Those lunch-bucket yeomen from Stoke City showed Tottenham Hotspur who the real boss was as they hammered the uptown London side, 3-0, in the Potteries.

Spurs were once a contender for the Champions League next season, but it seems like their wind has gone mild from wild. Not good against a squad like Stoke City, who've rung up a few major wins this season. Now, they'veadded Tottenham to that list.

Charlie Adam, Stoke's value-for-money Scotsman, created the spark that ignited the fire:

Usually, it's Adam providing assists for headers. What goes around ...

It was another bit of diabolical defending that caused Tottenham to concede yet again. It put Adam back in his role as tablesetter, with Steven N'Zonzi getting the glory:

Apparently, Spurs believe that charity actually begins on the road.

Everyone expected Harry Kane to shine in this one, but he was too frustrated to do anything.

Stoke's a hard place to be when the homies are hot.

And Spurs' day got even worse when Biram Diouf went five-hole:

Tough one to give up.

But tougher yet must've been Diouf's balancing on that advertising board. Dude's got a mixed bag of skills.