Real Madrid Squeezes Out Another Three Points

Published on 17-Mar-2016 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Squeezes Out Another Three Points

The bout went on for quite some time -- longer than most anticipated -- but, eventually, the favorite prevailed.

Real Madrid found themselves in a tough spot but somehow came out winners with a tight 1-2 result in Las Palmas.

The domestic struggle for Real Madrid continues, and it doesn't look pretty. While Barcelona has no problem logging more than five goals a game, it's becoming more and more difficult for Real to keep pace.

The fear they're fighting, of course, is that this version of Galacticos is past it, which conjures up nightmares of unthinkable proportions.

Real's rock wall, Sergio Ramos, came crashing down like the Walls of Jericho to get the match’s first goal:

Captains always come to the rescue.

Then, in the 87th minute, Los Amarillos claimed the most deft of equalizers as Willian José presented his version of a Sergio Garcia wedge shot:

Such are the goals that haunt these Castilians.

Full marks to keeping their composure, though, as it only took two minutes for Casemiro to retaliate:

The never-say-die spirit lives on.