Real Madrid’s New Year Getting Worse

Published on 17-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid’s New Year Getting Worse

Those titans of the year just past, Real Madrid, picked the wrong time for a nightmare.

But their derby rivals, Atlético Madrid, didn't mind.

As 2014 wound down, Real Madrid were approaching the world record for most consecutive wins. Their cast of Galácticos was the clear favorite for taking the treble this season, but then lightning struck and 2015 happened.

The early Copa del Rey clash of the two Madrid clubs caught everyone’s attention. It was the league champions v Champions League winner. Who'd miss this? Remember, even with all that dosh paraded onto the pitch, Real Madrid had just lost, 2-0, on their rival's ground.

With wounds still fresh, Real welcomed Atlético with hopes of redemption.

Well, not quite. And it the first minute, no less. The prodigal son returned, and fresh wounds got fresher.

But Real is known more for its attacks and, soon enough, got one back.

The Colchoneros experienced a déjà vu of the finals in Lisbon. They then had another flashback in store for the Blancos, as Torres scored again in first few seconds of the second half.

More shocked than Real Madrid fans must be the Chelsea fans.

Don't know what it is that inspires Atlético players so much after kickoffs, but they oughta bottle it and break it out every weekend.

Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo salvaged a goal, but it wasn't enough.

The final score, then, was 2-2 and 4-2 on aggregate. Later, Galácticos.