Real Madrid Relaxes on Top

Published on 12-Feb-2017 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Relaxes on Top

The Galician Plateau is located right in the middle of Spain.

That's about the only time Real Madrid and middle might be blended into one thought.

When it comes to the La Liga landscape, Los Blancos have a traditional claim on the top.

Nothing changed after their visit to Osasuna, where they administered their usual smackdown, this time to the tune of 1-3.

la liga standings

The cellar-dwelling Los Rojillos -- 1-7-14 for a mere 10 points -- knew what was coming, and if it wa any consolation, they realized a boffo payday from gate receipts.

Unless they right their plight, those will be a thing of the past, just like lucrative visits from Spanish giants.

Real’s favorite son, Cristiano Ronaldo, claimed the opener 25 minutes into it:

No angle's too tight for for that dude of dudes.

Still, they're not invincible. Their defensive cracks showed up yet again when Sergio Leon scored a beautiful chip:

So elegant but so complex, those shots.

Real’s forgotten star, Isco, came to the rescue -- as if -- with a commanding tally just after the hour:

It must be a nightmare defending the Castillians' all-star attack.

Lucas Vazquez popped an even better chip to put a touch of icing on this cake.