Real Madrid Pounce on Barça Slip, Blast Eibar

Published on 13-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Pounce on Barça Slip, Blast Eibar

Real Madrid closed the gap even further towards the La Liga leaders -- and heated rival -- Barcelona, as they won, 3-0, against an easy Eibar side.

After Real's dominating 9-1 victory against Granada, Eibar must be thankful that they saw only three from Los Blancos.

While Barça drew 2-2 against Sevilla, Real’s this win meant that much more.

Who else but Real’s favorite son, Ronaldo, to start the fireworks:

By the way, that was his 300th for Real. Quite a surprise that that total only includes 25 free kicks, though. He's notched enough of them throughout his career, so take a moment and enjoy:

Javier Hernández, a loanee Red Devil, found the far corner to confirm the obvious to Eibar:

Most players chip the ball from their feet, but since he's a little dude, it's not that much of a drop for him to use his head.

A moment of individual brilliance from Jesé Rodríguez was enough to seal the deal for Real Madrid:

The message is clear from Real Madrid: We are back, and we are gonna get you.

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