Real Madrid Ducks a Disaster

Published on 12-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Ducks a Disaster

After their first-leg victory over Schalke 04, Real Madrid looked set to cruise into the Champions League's next round.

But sport is where a given isn't always a given.

Real got bit, 3-4, by the underdogs and were just a goal away from being KO'd.

The bookmakers will put legions of their offspring through school from this result.

Los Blancos did their usual bit of conceding early:

The pre-World Cup 2014 version of Iker Casillas would have definitely saved that.

Ronaldo did his usual bit:

That’s something that even the maestro Messi can’t do.

Klaas-Jan Hunteelar is an underrated but spicy Dutch striker who then stepped up for his club:

The ball just doesn’t stick with Mr Casillas nowadays.

Ronaldo again stamped his name in the score sheet and broke the Champions League goal record.

A header from Ronaldo is so easy on the eye.

The third Real goal was the best so far.

Karim Benzema literally took a stroll in the park.

Schalke matched every Real goal with an equally impressive goal, if not better.

This is what we call a just stand there and watch shot.

Schalke took the game’s excitement to a whole new level with a fourth goal:

Whoa! Was this a defenders' day off match or something?

And it seems like that dude's got a thing for the top woodwork.

What a match. In every sense of the word.