New York FC: Blue Steel? Check Your Urban Dictionary

Published on 19-Feb-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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New York FC: Blue Steel? Check Your Urban Dictionary

In a metropolitan area of almost 20million humans, you'd think somebody in charge would have a clue.

But that's been an issue for the expansion New York City Football Club for a while now.

Slated to officially join the MSL this coming season and looking for that big name that Big Apple teams seem to believe is mandatory, New York FC said last July they had their star in Frank Lampard. With that, their ticket drive accelerated into full throttle.

Only Lampard hadn't signed yet.

So what else can they screw up?

How about not researching finalists for a fan club moniker?

One of the nominees is Blue Steel.

Frankly, even the media's gone shallow on this one. Their research on this term only goes back to Zoolander:

Dudes! By definition, what does a send-up movie do?

The term first tongue-&-cheeked its way into daylight in 1972 with Joni Mitchell going into double entendre mode when she composed a tune about her breakup with James Taylor. It didn't take much imagination to figure out who had the cold blue steel and who possessed the sweet fire.

Here's Tim Curry's version of the song, because it features cooler chords:

Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire lyrics

So, yeah.

As if that wasn't enough of a hint, ZZ Top -- those masters of thinly-veiled horndog lyrics that include pearl necklace and tube steak boogie -- kept it going in their 1979 album, Degüello:

Forcing a name on the club's supporters is awkward enough, not to mention poor form. Seems like someone out there got their own back. Suffice it to say the club has, once again, stepped on its own blue steel.