Manchester United Top the Table

Published on 27-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Manchester United Top the Table

At long last, Manchester United has regained the summit they so dearly wanted to achieve.

The Red Devils leapfrogged urban rivals Manchester City to the top, as they defeated Sunderland, 3-0.

This season looks a bit different, as United are at the pacesetters and Chelsea are mired amidst the pretenders. In recent times, it used to be the other way around.

Against the Black Cats, their first was a long time coming, but when it did, it appeared with pinache:

That's Juan Mata with the assist of the season to date. The goal by Memphis Depay was just a formality.

Wayne Rooney had been having a dry spell, but it looks to be monsoon season for him now:

He threw his whole body at that one.

Then came another turn for the Red Devils' little magician:

As they say in the hockey world, that's the top shelf, where Grandma keeps the jam.

It's obviously early days, but safe to say that United are feeling rather chuffed right now.

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