Manchester United: Three for the Show

Published on 11-Dec-2014 by srijan213

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Manchester United: Three for the Show

No matter how poorly they started, the Red Devils are in the top three.

The match between Manchester United and Southampton was for the third spot in the Premiership, and what a battle it was!

The Saints couldn't stop attacking, and the Devils couldn't stop them from attacking. Given the form of both teams, it was supposed to be the other way around. That’s the EPL for you.

Football teams are judged by their performance in the penalty area, whether in attack or on defense. So, it's often better to be lucky than good, and United got lucky in this one, going away with 2-1 victory to claim third in the table.

Southampton were the better team but not the winners. United are now five on the trot while the Saints have lost their last three matches.

Manchester United now host their all-time rivals -- Liverpool -- which is usually regarded as akin to a bullfight. Liverpool, though shaky, always find a way to improve their game when they meet the Red Devils. So the war of the Reds is up next.