Manchester United Is Mastering the Art of the Draw

Published on 22-Jan-2017 by srijan213

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Manchester United Is Mastering the Art of the Draw

The Red Devils looked mighty for a couple of weeks, but now their game is back to normal.

Nearby Stoke City had trois points in their sights against Manchester United, but lost what should've been a rope-a-dope decision to a draw.

Last-minute goals will do that, so 1-1 was a testament to what might've been for the Potters.

For United, it's just the extension of a trend. Dudes have now drawn 8 of their 22 premiership matches.

Stoke's tall pillars always seem to have something in store for the Red Devils, and this encounter was no different.

They outwitted José Mourhino's ‘genius’ defense, manipulating Juan Mata to score in his own goal:

If you can’t score, then let your opponents do the work. Genius.

United controlled play virtually two-thirds of the time and still looked like they'd lost this one. But then came the legend himself with his 250th Red Devil goal for Manchester United.

And just in the nick of time, as in the 93rd minute:

Was it a cross or a lob? Was it even an intended shot?

Everything that a 250th goal for a club means, this was it.

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