Manchester United Hits Rock Bottom

Published on 19-Feb-2016 by srijan213

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Manchester United Hits Rock Bottom

Just when you thought Manchester United couldn't sink lower, Louis van Gaal & Co shows they cannot be underestimated.

No low is too low.

This one came in Europa League -- that's right: Europa -- bracket play, as they lost 2-1 to that plucky little Danish side from Midtjylland.

Do know the Ulvene -- Wolves -- Nation found a urinal or two late in their celebrations of this win.

It's surely time for the philosophical van Gaal to head to the Himalayas and meditate. Perhaps he'll rediscover a United manager's purpose in life:

Not only did Midtjylland pull off an MK Dons-style upset of the Red Devils, they were entertaining in the process.

If there's any salvation to be had for United, it's the away goal Memphis Depay posted in the 37th minute:

Maybe he is just jinxed in the Premiership into a false sense of awesomeness.

Only four minutes later, the Wolves exposed their foes' vulnerabilities when Pione Sisto went all footloose:

No David de Gea, no clean sheet.

United players then got schooled by Ebere Paul Onuachu’s skills:

So now, the good citizens of Manchester know a little bit more about Denmark, and those who don red colors know a little bit less about what to expect the rest of the way. Including the second leg of this pairing.

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