Manchester City Smashes the Glass

Published on 20-Jan-2016 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Review

Best indeed

The Sky Blues have risen from the ashes and rejoined the elites.

Manchester City saw off sorry Crystal Palace as they knocked out a 4-0 smackdown.

City may not be that consistent this season, but when they are, unstoppable is the word to describe them.

Palace may have been in the midst of a good run, but they have nothing compared to what the Citizens have to offer when they're firing on all cylinders.

Fabian Delph may be a new kid in the block but not new to scoresheets:

Wayne Hennessey needs to rub glue in his gloves, because they are slipping.

Sergio Agüero got his first against Palace as an angel named Deflection guided his way to pointhood:

It's not your fault this time, dude.

The Citizens' third goal was nothing short of majestic:

Agüero & Co were ripping defense apart, as usual.

The Argentine national had his chance to rack up a hat trick, but unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, dude instead passed to ball to the wizard who is David Silva to get the honors:

Happy Domination Day from the Citizens.

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