Luis Suárez Is Front-&-Center for Barça

Published on 26-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Luis Suárez Is Front-&-Center for Barça

Lionel Messi still has a ways to go with his rehab, but Barcelona have quickly recovered from his absence.

The Blaugrana easily defeated Eibar, 3-1, where Luis Suárez was the marksman for all three.

When it comes to La Liga, there aren't many enticing fixtures, and this match fell into that category. It was one-sided, but not shy of goals.

In fact, Eibar stunned everyone by being first on the board:

Looks like they took rebounding lessons from Shaquille O'Neal.

Then Barça did what it does best: Pass the hell out of the ball and then score:

That’s one thing Messi was never comfortable doing: heading.

It was just the beginning of the Suárez show. He soon doubled his output:

Neymar has become quite the selfless dude after joining Barcelona.

And then there was a taking-the-ball-home moment for Suárez.

He's always been a great player if you exclude his nefarious nips.

Being vegan on the pitch becomes him much better.