London Has Fallen ... Again

Published on 17-Sep-2016 by srijan213

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London Has Fallen ... Again

Back in the day -- as in the 1960s --  the Mersey beat transformed both the nation and the world, with all things Liverpool leading the way.

London was a focal point of that invasion.

No one had ever seen anything like it, in part because Elvis Presley never performed in the Isles.

It was, in every sense, overwhelming.

No one's ever seen the likes of that again, but it doesn't mean others have stopped trying.

This year, that would include Merseyside's most decorated football team.

Chelsea was the latest to blunt Liverpool's march through London, but to no avail. The Blues fell, 1-2, at Stamford Bridge.

Two over-energetic managers clashed head to head, but tactics won over madness this time.

The 'Pool quickly got into the driver's seat when Dejan Lovren struck the first blow just after the quarter-hour:

That's the definition of a perfect cross matched by a perfect shot, not to mention it came from a defender.

The Reds captain, Jordan Henderson followed nine minutes later with an absolute stunner that even he couldn't believe:

OK, dude's clearly not a Latin, but he does a damn good impression. It fit Henderson's effort.

The Blues' most consistent scorer, Diego Costa hit netting in the 61st minute to keep things interesting:

The Beast always gets his prey.

But it wasn't enough on this day.