Leicester City's Not Goofing Around

Published on 4-Feb-2016 by srijan213

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Leicester City's Not Goofing Around

Foxes normally don't hunt in packs, but this crew from the Midlands does.

And it definitely isn't afraid of the Premiership's big dogs.

Leicester City shut out the high flying Liverpudlians, 2-0, and solidified its hold on the top spot in the process.

Only a spring slump will keep them out of Europe, but they're in position to earn more than that.

Premiership table

Every now and then, there comes a hint of doubt about Leicester’s chances of winning the league. But every time, they deliver a big slap to the doubters.

The 'Pool has been in fine form lately, but if the Red Army thought they were in for an easy one against the crafty Claudio Rainieri, they were harshly reminded that this club's for real.

In the early going, it looked as if Jürgen Klopp's charges were the ones to be generating all the electricity:

Leicester’s favorite front men, Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy, were getting set to generate sparks of their own, though:

And then, on the hour, this duo delivered a jaw-dropping act for the match’s first goal:

When Vardy hits, it stays hit. An amazing assist matched by even better finish.

And he wasn't done for the night. After all, dude' the Premier League’s top scorer:

Either Liverpool's defense was having a bad day, or Vardy is one powerful ball magnet.