Hammers Nail the 'Pool

Published on 29-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Hammers Nail the 'Pool

The Premiership's new season couldn't have opened more poorly for for history-rich Liverpool.

A rejuvenated West Ham side demolished the hometown heroes, 0-3.

The new Reds signings were supposed to bring a reign of terror upon their opponents, but they instead turned into wet cats under the lights as the Hammers seemingly opened the skies as if they were Thor's mighty Mjölnir.

The pounding began 'way too early for the Reds, as in the third minute, compliments of new arrival Manuel Lanzini:

That could become the season's shortest counterattack.

And it got worse for the 'Pool's defense. If his football career's cut short, Lanzini has a future in picking pockets:

Dejan Lovren's giveaway was diabolical, but 'keeper Simon Mignolet looked like he had super glue on his boots. But full marks to Mark Noble for threading the needle.

Then the Reds got even more Red with a red card to Philippe Coutinho.

He should've said he was sliding into second base, which would make as much sense as anything else for a tackle like that at a time like that.

So, why wouldn't the Hammers scored again?

West Ham had to wait 52 years for this moment.