Gunners on Target against Manchester City

Published on 19-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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Gunners on Target against Manchester City

The defending champs were handed a damaging defeat when they lost at home to Arsenal, 2-0.

That's also more points lost to Chelsea in the title race.

Manchester City were trying to reach the heights that the pacesetting Blues have already attained but were halted by a disciplined Gunners side. The stadium that was a fortress last season now seems to be a well of lost league points.

Premiership top five 18 Jan 2015

Arsène Wenger is surely chuffed, now that his side has handled the reigning titlists. The possession battle may have gone to the Citizens, but that's a matter to be addressed in practice with the points in pocket.

While the Gunners were concentrating on their game, it looked as if City's captain wasn't:

 A penalty to the Gunners, and Santi Cazorla made no mistake:

The shortest man in the pitch, Cazorla still beat the tallest, Joe Hart, even thought he City 'keeper guessed correctly.

The home side's reply was nothing short of furious, but it was fruitlessly frustrating, too. Then, finally, after what seemed like an eternity of minding the store, Arsenal sneaked in the capper:

City, on its home ground, have never looked this poor.