Germany Does the Poland-in-September Thing Again

Published on 5-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Germany Does the Poland-in-September Thing Again

Word has it two dudes in Poland have found the enigmatic Gold Train the Germans hid at the end of World War II.

Maybe. Maybe not. Today's Germany, though, made no mystery in their 3-1 victory over the Poles in their quest for UEFA gold.

The highlight reel will resemble a Bayern München exhibition, as all players who scored are on their roster. FC Bayern must be so proud right now.

The Germans made quick work of controlling the flow, as they delivered two early blows:

Thomas Müller put a classic German stamp on that one.

The second strike wasn't that far behind:

Mario Götze always does well in internationals.

The only internationally known Polish player -- Robert Lewandowski -- was the one to strike back:

If not him, then who for Poland?

Germany did add a coda, but it came with a bit of fortune:

The Argentines might still hate to see him score.

Deservedly, Germany tops the group stage for the Euro qualifiers.

Euro Group D