Germans Tilt a Kilt in Scotland

Published on 8-Sep-2015 by srijan213

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Germans Tilt a Kilt in Scotland

If only the Tartan Terriers had played like this against lowly Georgia.

Germany had all it could handle at Hampden before subduing a desperate Scottish side to claim a  2-3 victory.

The world champions have already punched their ticket to the Euro 2016 finals, and as usual, the Scots find themselves clinging to fantasy scenarios.

Scotland now needs to hope the Irish Republic drops matches at Germany and at home to Poland -- possible -- while they dismiss Gibraltar and get at least a home draw against the Poles.

That hope includes a caveat that the Białe Orły (White Eagles) will have already themselves qualified and will be totally disinterested by then.

Meanwhile, reviewing their Braveheart-like wreckage, Scotland saw the Germans begin this match as they've begun so many:

No wonder Manchester United wanted Thomas Müller so badly.

Scotland then spent a dram of unicorn magic on Mats Hummels to notch an own goal:

Not that North Americans don't constantly mangle other cultures' names, but the English remain masters of the craft. In this case, it's pronounced Muts, dudes. A Scandinavian moniker, to be sure, but the Germans have been known to commingle with their northern neighbors.

Anyway, the champs then went to back to their Teutonic roots and crafted eine wunderbare Tor, as again, they are wont to do:

Müller's just money.

While Germany preferred the passing route, Scotland took the shooting route. Bombs away:

James McArthur has been a key to Crystal Palace's fast start in the Premiership. That blend of power and timing is one reason why.

All in all, quite the first half.

But the Germans know how to put the clamps on when the chips are down and wait for their moment. In this instance, it came in the 54th minute, courtesy of Borussia Dortmund's İlkay Gündoğan:

That's why those dudes are the world champions.

As a result, here are the Group D standings:

Euro 2016 Group D

Ride that unicorn, Scotland.

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