Friendly or No, Bayern Münich Is Built to Win

Published on 18-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Friendly or No, Bayern Münich Is Built to Win

Maybe BMW is the ultimate driving machine, but it's the Bayern Münich footballers who are driven.

Bavaria's best don't throttle back, even in friendlies, which explains their 1-3 victory against Dynamo Dresden.

Matches like this give smaller teams a chance to meet the game's giants, and in turn gives those big brands an excellent marketing opportunity. Bayern did not disappoint.

Arjen Robben and his magical left foot opened their account.

He seems to use the same move over and over again and still doesn't get caught.

The new boy in Bayern's shirt, Arturo Vidal, casually added to the total:

Got a bit of Chilean aji for that chip? They seem to go for it down there.

Yes, they do.

Enough with the simple feats. Bayern then switched to total team mode:

As easy as that, Juan Bernat.

Not having much to do for most of the match, the Bavarian defense slept after those three goals but were quickly awoken:

For a moment, it looked like the dudes were playing rugby over there.

At least Dresden got one in.

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